1.5 Inch Feet for 0.25 Inch Round Bolt Heads

Here we have added version of the 1.5″ feet for use with 1/4″ 20 turn round (dia=10.7mm / height=2.7) and held in place with something JB Weld 15minute Epoxy


Die Hillman Gruppe 43602 1/4–20 x 1–3/4-Zoll Flat Head-Gap-Schraube, 8er Pack

by The Hillman Group [The Hillman Group]
Rank/Rating: -/-
Price: EUR 33,95

J-b Weld Unternehmen 8276 1 Unze Kwik

by J-B KwikWeld Epoxy Adhesive [J-B Weld]
Rank/Rating: 14149/-
Price: EUR 14,13

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