3040 CNC – 3D Printing A Chuck Fixture!

In this episode, we will be revisiting the NYC Style Chuck concept (see more here: youtu.be/wB7eX_EXifQ) with a fixture printed in PETG (see more here: amzn.to/2VRKxo1) on the 3D Printer!

This has been working out surprisingly well for us, as while you aren’t going to use it to machine aerospace parts, it is a functional addition to any small CNC such as the 3040 (see more here: diy3dtech.com/purchase-3040-cnc-router/)

Get the STL from Thingiverse: www.thingiverse.com/thing:3404442

Fixture Parts:
T-Nuts: amzn.to/2t7vAkt
10mm Bolts: amzn.to/2t46TVR

Are you looking for a super affordable 5 Axis CNC? Well check this out: diy3dtech.com/affordable-5-axis-3040-cnc/ it will blow you away!

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