3040 CNC – Creating Carved Stone Art!

In this episode, we will be trying stone carving with the 3040 CNC as I have done some what I would call stone cutting but after seeing some hand carving examples on YouTube figure it was worth a try with the 3040 CNC! Also here is a selection of the diamond bits I am using for this project: diy3dtech.com/diamond-cutting-bits/

Also if you looking for the mini-vice I used in this build, you can order it here: goo.gl/kw9oaH

Get the STL for the water bath design here: www.thingiverse.com/thing:2834766

Get your own 3040 CNC: diy3dtech.com/purchase-3040-cnc-router/

Thinking about a CO2 Laser: diy3dtech.com/purchase-laser/

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3040 CNC Router, 5 Axis Engraver Engraving Machine, Precision Ball Screw and 1500W Spindle

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