3D Printed Project – CNC Alignment Collar for Spindle!

Please visit ift.tt/1PJb2UK for more information on this and many other projects! As in this episode, we will be taking a look at the 3D printable alignment collar we created the 800 watt water cooled spindle on the 3040 CNC. We created this in open Open SCAD and have also created a Custmizer version of this on Thingiverse (here: ift.tt/2vMPnZc ) so you can match it to your needs!

Related Open-SCAD video: youtu.be/3_daa_Mt8HE as well as the code if your interested: ift.tt/2vuoQgZ

We also recommend this dial indicator and USB cable below to feed the measurements directly into your computer! In addition we will be publishing a video soon on how to use this to set your GRBL numbers as well how to upgrade to GRBL 1.1 so stay tuned!

Clockwise Tools DTCR-01 RS232 (USB) Digital Indicator Data Transfer Cable

Clockwise Tools DIGR-0105 Electronic Digital Indicator Gage Gauge Inch/Metric Conversion 0-1 Inch/25.4 mm with Back Lug Auto Off Featured Measuring Tool:

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