3D Printed Project – Creating the Drawer Caddy a CHEP Knockoff!

Please visit ift.tt/1PJb2UK for more information on this and many other projects! So there I was late one night, I couldn’t sleep so I was watching Infomercials and got bored of them, so went over and was watching Chuck Hellebuyck’s channel (CHEP) and he did this thing with a tray that screwed into the front of his workbench and I said “self” that’s cool but it requires commitment (i.e. to screw it in) so I said self “there has to be a better way” and in reading down the comments a viewer wrote Chuck saying “Neodymium magnets would be cool” and Chuck said go for it, its on Tinkercad! Well what was Chuck going to say as he already screwed his in 🙂 right? However it hit me right there in the wee hours of the morning! As I was just grocery shopping with the wife the day before and I always get a 6 pack of Coke Zero and hang it on the side of the cart so why not hang the drawer caddy on the front of the drawer? Bingo, up I sprang out of bed and didn’t call Jake from State Farm but logged into Thinkercad and went feverishly to work on the design of a drawer caddy and as Emeril Lagasse would say BAM! Here it is the Drawer Caddy, the ultimate in exo-drawer storage technology and you can have it in your home not tomorrow but with any 200mm x 200mm 3D print today! Yes that’s right TODAY! Wait it gets even better yet if you can believe it, just print it today and you can print a second one (or two) tomorrow for free (well the cost of the filament and such is yours of course but its better than paying extra shipping and handling right? the lawyers made me add that).

Wait! As a special added bonus because your significant other most likely won’t let you put that 3D printed stuff in the kitchen. We have a solution for you as there are many finishing options available (at an additional charge of course) should again you (or significant other) not like the 3D printed look (which my wife doesn’t) as you can use a stone spray paint such this (amzn.to/2ue7gyw) which my wife even approves of or a lighter textured version such as this (amzn.to/2uewehx) to cover those nasty layer lines. As YES, with this can magic they will think you spent a fortune on them but it will be our little secret (I won’t tell if you don’t :-)! So what are you waiting for Christmas (by the way these make great stocking suffers too!). So don’t wait, stop reading this and start printing today as you don’t want your neighbors (you know the Jones) to have one before you! Don’t Delay, download now before they are all gone!

P.S. If you make one, please post a make here on Thingverse to show us your use of this new exo-drawer storage technology in action and who knows we might even pick you yes YOU for our next infomercial! (if we did infomercials)

Drawer Caddy!

Workbench Catch Tray – 3D Printed (Chuck’s Video):

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