3D Printed Project – Modifiable Tool Holder!

In this episode, we will be looking at a easy modifiable tool holder that I have placed out on Thinigiverse for you guys as there is a blank version to create what you need in say TinkerCad and one with holes so you can print and go! I have also included a set of pegboard pins too which allow you to attach this to the pegboard just by poping the pins in!

Modifiable Pegboard Tool Holder!

Handy Tools:
USB Oscilloscope: diy3dtech.com/hantek-pc-based-usb-digital-oscilloscope/
USB Dial Indicator: diy3dtech.com/usb-dial-indicator-kit/
Vacuum Former: diy3dtech.com/vacuum-former/
Dry Film Lubricant: diy3dtech.com/dupont-teflon-non-stick-dry-film-lubricant/
Contour Gauges: diy3dtech.com/contour-gauges/
FLIR Camera: diy3dtech.com/flir-one-thermal-imaging-camera/
Digital Caliper: diy3dtech.com/digital-caliper-depth-gauge/
Power Screwdriver: diy3dtech.com/cordless-power-precision-screwdriver/
Screwdriver Repair Tool: diy3dtech.com/stepless-electric-screwdriver-repair-tool/
Air Quality Meters: diy3dtech.com/air-quality-meters-for-3d-printing/
Rotary Tool: diy3dtech.com/dc-6v-24v-mini-rotary-tool-electric-drill/
Scotch Brite Wheels: diy3dtech.com/38mm-abrasive-scotch-brite-wheels-for-dremel/

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