3D Printed Projects – Replacement Punch Die Cover!

You might we call we got in a Gino Development 02-0444 TruePower Punch & Die Set (9 Piece) (see more here: amzn.to/2O14pBg ) and was working on designing some punch cards and said hey while I am at why not design a new cover for all the folks who didn’t an an arbor press like this one (see more here: diy3dtech.com/plamgren_arbor_press ) and broke theirs! This was neat project and you can the STL as well as the Fusion 360 file at: www.thingiverse.com/thing:3483659

Also if you looking for a crazy affordable 5 Axis (yes you read that correctly) CNC, then check these out: diy3dtech.com/affordable-5-axis-3040-cnc/

One of the handiest tools as a maker I have is the CO2 laser as they are VERY affordable, check these out for yourself: diy3dtech.com/purchase-laser/

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