3D Printer Leveling Stand Made from Maker Rail!

In this episode we will build a printer stand to level our 3D printer.  The logic here is that while leveling the bed to the print head is a good thing, leveling it period (or in reference to gravity) is even better.  As remember two things, the first is that the plastic we are pushing out of the hot end of the 3D printer is a semi liquid and will want to run a small bit or maybe better put, deform.  This can lead to poor print quality as even if it is just wee little it bit, over the layers and layers of plastic which are layed  down this will add up.  The second is being a bit off can cause the print head to “grab” the work piece and pull it  off the bed.   Remember you are working with a small amount of space here so being as level as possible is good thing!