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TinkerCad Tip – Using the Ruler the Easy Way!

In this episode, we will be looking how to use the most important tool in TinkerCad yes the ruler.

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TinkerCad Workflows – Designing a Camera Bracket Part 2!

Please visit for more information on this and many other projects! As in this episode we will be finishing a two part series where we take you from (1) idea, (2) design and final (3) manufacture of product in the 3D printing would using using the free TinkerCAD tool and a Da Vinci printer. Grab a coffee and see how easy it is to and how this technology will change how the world works!

Camera Backet:

Camera Mount (Schedule 40 Rig)

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Camera Mount (Schedule 40 Rig)

This is a camera mount designed to receive 80mm Quarter/20 for camera mounting and another shorter Quarter/20 bolt with a nut to cinch the bracket to the Schedule 40 camera rig.

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LED Panel Lens Cover!

This is a lens cover for the 5 X Car Festoon T10 BA9S White LED 48SMD Panel Interior Dome Map Light Bulb Lamp which can be found here ( and the STL can downloaded by clicking on the image from TinkerCad. The lens cover is thin walled and should be printed with a “clear” filament with minimal infill.

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608ZZ Bearing to V-Slot Maker Wheel


We have been experimenting with the common 608ZZ ball bearing to make cheaper V-Slot style maker wheels.  In this Tinkercad file is an exploded view of the 608ZZ bearing and the 3D printed parts to covert the common bearing into a V-Slot maker wheel.  Worth note these are larger in diameter than the standard V-Slot wheels so they will not work with the standard plates so that is next on the list to draft up a set of standard plates to use with these.


To print these, simply delete the bolt and bearing placing the remaining parts flat on the work plane.

30 Bearing 608ZZ 8x22x7 Shielded Greased Miniature Ball Bearings

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Dial Indicator Bed Leveler for QU-BD TwoUp 3D Printer

Recently we designed a dial indicator holder for the QU-BD TwoUp! 3D to help with bed alignment and improved prints.  We printed this in ABS (you could also print in PLA) with thick shells, 30% infill with supports.  This mount is designed to hold a standard dial indicator such as VkTech which can be purchased from Amazon for around 10 bucks or so…


Vktech Dial Indicator Gauge 0-10mm Meter Precise 0.01Resolution Concentricity Test

by Vktech [Vktech]
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