So we hit a snag with the Bowden extruder design on the DIY 3D QU-BD Twoup, the back and forth action has worn out the pressure fitting on top of the hot end leading to premature failure (half a spool of plastic).  So watch as we try to figure whatLearn More!

In this episode we will look at building a set of hold down clamps for the QU-BD TwoUp 3D DIY Printer kit.  As you might recall we where having issues with the melamine bed so we switch to glass however the shaking of the when doing in-fills was ruining theLearn More!

In this episode we will look at issues with the Z Axis on the QU-BD TwoUp! 3D DIY 3D printer kit and how ended up fixing it by editing the Marlin Configuration.h file and updating the revolutions for Z Axis.   The original line in the Configuration.h file was: #define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNITLearn More!