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QU-BD Twoup Build Part 1

The TwoUp is the larger version of the OneUp, being the lowest priced 3D printer on the planet as the TwoUp adds 75mm on both the X and Y axis in build area; the Z-axis stays the same at 125mm. At $279 for a self assembled kit, that includes everything you need,making the TwoUp an easy choice to ‘get your feet wet’ especially if you want the ability to make large objects. Look on any internet form and they recommend a self built printer as your first printer so you learn the ins and outs, as well as the ups and downs of 3D printing before making a bigger purchase.

With theTwoUp, professional quality prints are a reality in your home which are equivalent to much more expensive machines at competitive speeds with the ability to expand the build area at a later date. Each kit includes a very reliable and forgiving extruder (which is important as a starter printer), that makes it easy to get great quality prints with minimal effort. The TwoUp is optimized for PLA printing but with the optional heated bed upgrade, ABS and Nylon printing are a breeze! This is a Do-It-Yourself, Self-Assembly kit that generally takes 2-8 hours to assemble based on end user skill level.

With all of this said, we will be doing a video series on the build of this printer to help others follow along and see what this all about and if this right for you!  So get a favorite beverage, kick back and lets watch some video!


OneUp / TwoUp X Gantry Replacement


OneUp / TwoUp X Gantry Replacement url:

Part file names:

Right = Twoup_xgr95_v17 (imperial version Twoup_xgr80_v17 is metric)

Left = Twoup_xgl_v19

Slider = Twoup_xgc_v17

Build specs Fill is 30% (or higher) and Layer height is 0.2, with build times being:

Right = 6.5 Hours

Left = 9.5 Hours

Slider = 4.5 hours

Note: Twoup_xpg_v17 is a peg or plug and you will need to print 6 of these for pluging one end of each rod on all three housings.

Also as mentioned in the video, would suggest printing all the parts standing up for better results even if it takes a bit more support fill.

Q3D v2 TwoUp 3D Printer Kit Unboxing

So we just got ourQ3D v2 TwoUp printer kit in and wanted to do an unboxing and talk about why we went this route to build our next 3D printer as many people out there are likely interested and thinking should they or shouldn’t they.  Well there is no question that a lot of these have been sold and there are tons of upgraded designs out there which can make this a winning printer for very few dollars if someone is willing to invest the efforts in building it with the extra-mods which we will document.  So stay tuned as there will be more videos coming on this very soon as the DaVinci is busy printing a whole host of upgraded parts!  In addition we will also start a build page for all the links!