Creality CR10 Bed Alignment GCode!

There are two files here, the first alignment discovery code is designed to run the dial indicator across the bed in a grid and then a diagonal pattern to allow you to discover dips and rises in your print bed.  To use, copy the contents below to file named alignment_discovery_code.gcode and save it on to a memory card an insert into the Creality CR-10 print, select change card, then print from card selecting the alignment_discovery_code.gcode and press in the selector knob to start the run. (scroll down for the align code file)

Also, if you are looking for a Dial Indicator with the Creality CR-10 Mount here are some economical dial indicators such as this one for less than $15 bucks or a digital version such as this for only $25 bucks. Also you can use a metal 1/4-20 (~6mm) sized nut and bolt combo however I like using nylon nuts/bolts such as this just to lighten things.


To use this file, copy the contents to a test file and name it alignment_code.gcode and save to the printers memory card, then select change memory card, followed by print from memory card selecting alignment_code.gcode and pressing the select knob to start the job.  The printer will then start to run the job in a diagonal pattern allowing you 20 seconds at each stop to ajust the bed screws.  Note us this at your own risk as the printer will start back in motion after 20 second so be sure your fingers are clear and again use of this is at YOUR own risk.