Creality CR10 – Printing a RoboSpider Amazon Echo Dot Stand!

Please visit for more information on this and many other projects! As in this episode, I was inspired to create this from the Sci-Fi movie Pacific Rim ( as to “Combat Monsters you have to build Monsters of your own”. The model is rather straight forward and easy to print as well as providing a stark conversational look where it is sure to be a conversation piece in any office or home! In addition it also offers many finishing option should you (or significant other) not like the 3D printed look (which my wife doesn’t) as you can use a stone spray paint such this ( which my wife even approves of or a lighter textured version such as this ( to cover the layer lines. However, any way you decide to go, this functional piece of art is sure to give you a smile (or scare) every day!

Also note you can use the holes in the legs to run the wire neatly though (hidden feature of the design) providing for a clean seamless steam punk or reto-modern decor look!

Note: this things assembles via pressure fit and while you can glue it, it is not required however to achieve this the interlocking slots are very tight and depending on the plastic you use may require some clean up with a bur tool (such as this: as well as a small file set (such as this: to achieve the required fit of the parts.

Amazon Echo Dot Robo-Spider Base!

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