Da Vinci Duo Calibration Failure (How to Fix)

So we where having a number of issues with the XYZprinting Da Vinci 2.0 Duo 3D Printer in the lab, first layers weren’t sticking, prints failing, etc.  So we decided to recalibrate the print bed however when we did it failed and kept failing!  Panic set in, what to do was it broken?  XYZprinting claims you can forget calibrating so now what do we do send it back?

Well in the end we figured it out and decided to make a video about how we did it because when we searched the internet we weren’t the only ones with this problem.  Now the video show a number of steps, however the key is all three numbers MUST be within 20 (+/-) of each other for the calibration to be successful.  as what the XYZprinting Da Vinci 2.0 Duo 3D Printer does is make this measurement and than adjust the gcode when it comes in for this delta and it appears it can only deal with a deal with a delta of +/- 20 units (assume they are steps).

Also, here is the page (click here) from the XYZprinting Da Vinci 2.0 Duo 3D Printer manual showing the details.  Now keep in mind for each and every “cycle” the print must heat to account for expansion at temperature so it can take a bit.

Note: it doesn’t take a lot to turn one of the knobs so start out with small turns (i.e. movements) and one [knob] at a time so you can (1) see how much affect a movement has as well as (2) the direction the movement (of the knob) takes you in.

While the instructions are not clear, I am guess these are “steps” and frankly would have to guess that the smaller the numbers.  The more truly level the bed will be (as opposed to “square”) and therefore the better the first layer will stick.


XYZprinting Da Vinci 2.0 Duo 3D Printer, Grey

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