Design Talk – Building the Lazy Machinist V Slot Widget!

In this episode, we will be further exploring the idea of going from blueprint to completed object in this case 3D printed. To do this I borrowed some blueprints from That Lazy Machinist (see more here: and selected the V-Block (download complete set here: to download them)

As I have been following Titan Gilroy at Titans of CNC Academy (see more here: and it’s clear the next generation of manufacturing needs the next generation of machinists! Yet how do we get started, well I think 3D printing could be the key as the workflow is similar (i.e. Design-CAD-CAM-Product). So if you can master taking a blueprint and creating a 3D printed object, you are the majority of the way there!

Here we took the V-Block and printed in PETG (see more here: and it came out great! For the CAD component we used FUsion 360

You can also download the STL from Thingiverse here:

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