Dust Connector for Delta Bandsaw to Home Depot Ridged Shop Vacuum

In the shop I have a 9 Inch bandsaw which I use for cutting light metal and needed to connect it to my shop vacuum for dust collection however the output port of the saw and in the input of the vacuum did not match.  Solution, this is what they make 3D printers right?  So using TinkerCAD I mocked up an adapter and printed it on XYZprinting Da Vinci 2.0 Duo 3D Printer in ABS using think shells and 30% infill.  Wroth note is with thin walled objects I have better luck using thick shells and a modest infill rate.  I also added “grips” to both strengthen as well as give me something hold on to as I pressure fit the coupler on the machine.  Worth note you will likely have to sand as I wanted the fit to be natraly tight.  The saw side is ~46mm (ID) while the vacuum port for the Home Depot Ridgid shop vacuum is ~44mm.  Again you will need to sand a bit to en sure a snug fit as I needed want it vibrating off while using.

Genesis GBS900 9" Band Saw

by Genesis [Genesis]
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Price: $169.08

Rigid 9 Gal Wet/dry Vacuum

by Ridgid [Ridgid]
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Price: $88.05