eBay Chinese CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraver – Slanted Board Focus Measurement

As in this episode we will be using the slanted board method to determine the focus of our new Light Objects 18mm ZnSe lens. Because the board slanted (raised on one end by 2.54cm). The laser will start out of focus, run into focus and then back out. We can then measure with our scale the distance up from the bed to the position on the board where the bean is at it’s finest to find the sweet spot for the focal point of the laser.

More on this laser can be found at goo.gl/itkmEK and we have set up a resource page at diy3dtech.com/k40-chinese-laser-resources/

Also please keep checking back the resource link as we have a number of updates pending and if you have one we should please share in the comments below.