eBay Chinese CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraver Testing – First Cuts!


In this episode we will test the new eBay Chinese CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraver to make sure it works before starting the modifications.  With this, one of the things I can tell you is the mirrors where so far out of alignment that laser was hitting outside of the case!  This was bad news and scary as you can not see this beam!

Tip! Perform [mirror alignment] in a closed room at a low power level, with no kids or pets and wear safety glasses rated for your laser!  Remember you can not see this this beam!

Also the plug on the water was messed up a bit and not making good contact so it required some adjusting to get working and the hose from the laser tube did not fit the pump so for testing it was jury rigged however will require a better solution going forward.  Also when starting up, make sure all of the bubbles exit the tube so there are no hot-spots which can create problems.

We also hit a few bumps with the software as the virus flagged the software as being “infected” so we had to turn it off to install which was not happy with.  However since the PC (Windows 7) used for this is stand alone so not going to lose sleep however if it was my daily user I think I would.  In addition then tried downloading the software from their (i.e. eBay seller) web site and Chrome would not even down load it as it reported it as a risk.

Its worth note that like many our plan is remove this control board and replace it with a Arduino & Ramps to use real GCode and get away from this non-sense.  Also will likely add the powered bed from Light Objects which will provide a Z Axis functionality to the unit which for a sub $1,000 unit would be very interesting.