GearBest Ciclop Desktop Laser 3D Scanner!

Click: Ciclop Desktop Laser 3D Scanner 3D Printer Scanner must have for 3D Model making! Ciclop Desktop Laser 3D Scanner with CMOS Sensor for Object Scanning
Ciclop Laser 3D Scanner is an open source desktop 3D scanner. The scanning accuracy is related to the environment, light, adjust, scanned object shape and many other factors. And the post-processing is needed.

Main Features:
● Open-source desktop laser 3D scanner
● Scanning element: CMOS
● Interface type: USB 2.0
● The scanning accuracy is related to the environment, light, adjust, scanned object shape
● The item color is subject to stock availability. Two random colors: red / black
Easy to scan objects:
1. Object space volume is greater than 5 x 5cm (space diameter and height)
2. Object space volume is smaller than 20.3 x 20.3cm
3. Object weighing is less than 3kg
4. Object is stable and immobile
5. Opaque objects