GearBest JGAURORA A5 – How to Flash a New Version of Marlin Step by Step!

In this episode, we will be showing you how to reflash the GearBest JGAURORA A5 with Marlin Firmware! We take you though the process step by step however be forewarned do this is at your own risk as it possible to brick your printer so this is not recommended for the novice.

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Note: while many of the other show connection at 115200 baud, I had to connect at 250000 instead so if you run into connection issues try uping the baud rate.

Also for the advance users out there, there is a bootloader port and you can flash the MKS board using a USBTiny.

A big thanks to Samuel Pinches for assembling the Marlin code bundle for the AJ Aurora A5 and and you can see his video and more info here:

Software Resources:
Marlin Firmware from Samuel Pinches:

Original Firmware from Samuel Pinches:

CH340 Drivers:

Ardunio IDE:

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