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GearBest JGAURORA A5 – Shootout with the Creality CR 10!

So you asked for it and here it is folk! The shoot between the Creality CR-10 ( whom many consider the reigning king of 3P printers and the up and coming GearBest JG AURORA A5 Updated ( printer! Now there have been a lot of change “haters” out there saying “how dare you say this is a Creality Killer!” (insert arrogant huff here). So this is going to be bit of a LONG video as I am going to walk feature by feature between the Creality and GearBest JG AURORA A5 so you will want to have a beverage handy! Also below is a ton of additional information on this printer and the shoot-out as well as more of my opinions based upon experience so be sure to read down all the way.

Resource Page:

Want to see whats inside:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Creality CR-10 used in this comparison is HIGHLY modified and tuned! The GearBest JG AURORA A5 is straight from the box ZERO tuning! This is important to keep in mind because if you are “Joe Average” and buy a Creality and take it out of the box, it will NOT perform as well as the one in the comparison.

Settings for Test Prints:
Layer thickness: 0.1
Speed: 50mm/sec
Retraction: 6mm at 50mm/sec
Travel Speed: 150mm/sec
Bed Temp: 70(c)
Hotend Temp: Creality 210(c) / JGAURORA A5 200(c)
Pawn URL:
Filament Creality: Hatchbox Red
Filiament JGAURORA A5: White (what was in the box)

General Parameters for GearBest JG AURORA A5 3D Printer:
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
Nozzle temperature: Room temperature to 250 degree
Product forming size: 305 x 305 x 320mm
Layer thickness: 0.1-0.3mm
Memory card offline print: USB Thumb Drive
LCD Screen: Touch Sensitive Color
Print speed: 10 – 150mm/s
Platform temperature: Room temperature to 110 degree
Material diameter: 1.75mm

[1] IMHO the lack of the 80mm is not an issue as while it is “possible” to print those extra 80mm, the issue will arise from the fact the Creality has moving bed (unlike say the Tronxy x5s) and thus as print climbs. The center of gravity will shift and induce some level of error. Now this error in many cases can be of acceptable tolerances but this is seconded by occurrence of “need” to print object that tall and trading the 80mm for other feature such as a second Z-Axis motor.

[2] In the videos you will notice what appears to additional hot-end movement for the GearBest JG AURORA A5 3D. I believe (note “believe” and have not confirmed) is due to the firmware’s handling of arc’s and also feels this is what caused the GearBest JG AURORA A5 3D to run a bit longer as this increased “distance” the hot-end had to travel. Now for the “Average Joe” this will not be an issue as to see this you need a microscope. However for the power user, I would recommend reflashing.

[3] Since making this video I have reflashed with Marlin and reduced the stepper motor noise to less then the CR-10 without changing the driver current but not sure I am happy with it. Watch for an up-coming video

[4] Something I forgot to note in my review is that the “contained” movements (i.e. belts and lead screws) give this a major one-up for schools and office setting (homes with younger children too) to avoid injury. Even the hot-end is better shielded with the plate which goes across the front of the X-Axis.

Interested in getting your own JGAURORA A5 Creality CR-10 killer 3D Printer? Well check out the deals on Gearbest for them here as these folks have been great to work with and are huge supporters of the 3D Printing community!

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