GearBest Zonestar P802QR2 – Unboxing and Discussion!

In this episode, we will be unboxing the Zonestar P802QR2 a dual extrusion metal 3D printer kit (see more here: from my friends at Gearbest! In addition to being a great kit with yes two extruders, it is also supper affordable at only $258 (USD) so I am excited about this project and revisiting idea of dual extrusion!

To share my journey in building this kit, I am going to break this down into four assembly segments being (1) Frame Assembly, (2) Mechanical Assembly, (3) Extruder Assembly and (4) Electronics Assembly. So grab a drink, order yours and lets start building!

This printer features extremely simple assembly along with high performance provided by:
● Stainless sheet metal frame structure provides more stable working environment
● Support off-line print and automatic leveling function
● With automatic platform leveling and height detection
● Dual-color printing with double extruders
● EM4 Bowden extruder, easy to load filament, adjustable pressure and support flexible filament
● Z axis lead screw fixed module
● New upgraded hot end frame, easier access to faster build
● All in one electronic solution control board, compatible with RAMPS V1.4, MKS V1.3, ATMEGA2560 MCU, 5 motor drivers connector, 4 MOSFET switch, 3 AUX connector and support to upgrade more features!

Remember what they say! Two hot-ends are better then one!

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