I need to ask for a small favor…

In this episode, I need to ask a small favor as You Tube is changing their monetization policy which means the sister Open-SCAD channel will be demonitized this month if I don’t reach “their” numbers. Now this isn’t huge a thing as over a year it brings in only enough to buy a few rolls of filament, but that is a few rolls of filament that also helps create content for this channel too. Also, it’s the principle of it too, as Youtube has continually been tightening the reins on content providers and this is just a demotivator as making the amount of a Starbucks coffee is no big deal yet it is a source of encouragement to continue. So I just want to say thank you in advance for hearing me out on this 🙂

Open-SCAD Channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCNfTwYpWGkDcGhvzj4RoRhQ

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