Inverted 3D Printed Video Camera Adapter

3D Printed Camera Bracket Printed on XYZprinting Da Vinci 2.0 Duo 3D Printer

So here is my latest design and it can be found tilted as Camera Inverting Bracket on and the idea is to mount a video camera to a photo copy stand and maintain the correct perspective as with a still photograph you can just flip it around, while video is not so forgiving.  Also while hard to see there is small notch in the side for the mic of the camera I designed it for.

3D Printing Tip: notice the two holes, the closest one was made to be 0.26 inches to allow 0.25 inch bolt (which will attach the camera) so the tip is to over size it a bit as the plastic (ABS) will contract a small bit and since the “print” is somewhat hollow you want to avoid having to drill out the hole as this will weaken the shell.  The second tip is the other hole will tapped with 0.25 inch threads, so I will print this with thinker shells and at 0.22 inches to allow enough material to tap.

Now my camera is rather small and this is the reason for simply tapping the hole rather than using a hex nut, also many tripod length studs are too short to pass though a bracket and into a nut as the tripod hole of many cameras are just to sallow.  So just a word of cation as I would not use this for one of my SLR cameras as they are simply to heavy.  Once I get a print on the 

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