JGAURORA Magic – Super Easy Detailed Build!

I love building kits! With this said, I have created a detailed build video for the JGAURORA Magic High Precision 3D Printer! The attractive 3D Printer sports a 220 x 220 x 250mm build aera / Filament Run-out Detection / Power Outage Resume Function and much more! JGAURORA is know for the great designs and performance and I must say they have not disappointed with this printer! While there is a little more building required, it is actually quite easy and frankly a lot of fun! Also if your new to 3D Printing and looking for a cost effective way to see what its all about with a high quality printer then this charmer is for you! Check it here: diy3dtech.com/JGAURORA_Magic_High_Presicion_3D_Printer

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