K40 eBay Chinese CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraver – Cheap Adjustable Bed Solution!

In this episode, we will be looking a cheap adjustable bed solution for a K40 eBay Chinese CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraver! As I was looking on the Inter-Web for another project one day and saw this Lab Jack-Stand for less then $20 bucks (here: amzn.to/2zaVDZf) and it hit me this could be an affordable (i.e. cheap) adjustable bed solutions for a CO2 laser! However when I looked at the 200mm x 200mm version it was too high fit under the lens carriage but the 4 inch (~100mm x ~100mm) version did. So the solution is I turned to the 3D printer and creating a larger snap on bed with neodymium magnets for hold down as well as “pin” to support material. So check this out as we have placed these designs out on thingiverse too!

Lab Jack-Stand used in video: amzn.to/2zaVDZf
Thingiverse Files: www.thingiverse.com/thing:2661443

Purchase CO2 Laser: diy3dtech.com/purchase-laser/
Honeycomb Beds: diy3dtech.com/co2-laser-engraver-cutter-honeycomb-bed/
Cheap Jack-Stands: diy3dtech.com/lab-jack-stand-for-co2-laser/
Upgraded Lens: diy3dtech.com/co2-laser-lens-options/
Focus Diode: diy3dtech.com/co2-laser-head-focus-diode-module/
Air Assist Nozzle: diy3dtech.com/air-assist-nozzle-k40-laser/
Fume Extration Blowers: diy3dtech.com/blower-fans-for-co2-laser-fume-extraction/

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