Mini-Drill Press Table Project!

This is a multi-part project where we will build a mini-drillpress table with vacuum dust collection for the shop using our CNC router as well as a 3D printer for good measure!  Heck we might even toss in a laser cutter too!  Below are the vBlogs for the build and at the bottom is the link to the all the Inkscape files!


Episode 1: Mini DrillPress Table Build  – Planning and Design!

Episode 2: Mini DrillPress Table Build  – Assembling The Base!

Episode 3: Mini DrillPress Table Build  – Assembling The Table!

Episode 4: Mini DrillPress Table Build  – Assembling the Fence and Finishing Up!

Download the InkScape SVG files ( as a zip archive)  for free from here:


WEN 4208 8 in. 5-Speed Drill Press

by WEN [WEN]
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