Mini Lathe – 3D Printed Carriage End Stop!

In this episode, we will be looking at 3D printed end-stop that I designed and 3D printed for Harbor Freight Mini-Lathe or most other chinese mini-lathes (such as these:! This has been a handy and easy make addition to my mini-lathe and you can make one too as I have posted the STL files on Thinigiverse here: XXXXXXXXXX

Note: I printed these with 1 to 1.2mm skins and 25% infill so they are very solid! Also check out the sandpaper trick in the video to this is also a very handy tip. If you’re also looking for the spring package (VERY HANDY) you can find that here:

1/4-20 Bolt 2.5 Inches……..:
1/4-20 Nut (3/1 or 4.7mm).:
Spring Package……………….:

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