Octave White ABS Filament for 3D Printers – 1.75mm 1kg Spool

Octave ABS Filament for 3D Printers – White

Octave 3D printer filament offers great quality at a low price. Octave manufactures its 3D printer filament to tight tolerances and to work with a wide extruder temperature range, which helps to prevent extruder nozzle problems and yields smooth 3D models. Octave 3D printer filament is compatible with the Afinia H479 3D printer, as well as other 3D printers that use 1.75mm ABS filament. The extrusion temperature range for Octave 3D printer filament is from 210℃ to 250℃. This spool includes 1kg of ABS filament.

List Price:$31.00

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