OneUp / TwoUp X Gantry Replacement


OneUp / TwoUp X Gantry Replacement url:

Part file names:

Right = Twoup_xgr95_v17 (imperial version Twoup_xgr80_v17 is metric)

Left = Twoup_xgl_v19

Slider = Twoup_xgc_v17

Build specs Fill is 30% (or higher) and Layer height is 0.2, with build times being:

Right = 6.5 Hours

Left = 9.5 Hours

Slider = 4.5 hours

Note: Twoup_xpg_v17 is a peg or plug and you will need to print 6 of these for pluging one end of each rod on all three housings.

Also as mentioned in the video, would suggest printing all the parts standing up for better results even if it takes a bit more support fill.