Practical 3D Printing Series – Basement Drain for Furnace

As in this episode we will be launching a new playlist titled “Practical 3D Printing Series” where we solve real problems with 3D printed solutions. The focus of this series will focus more toward developing the solution rather than how to 3D print something. In each episode we will explore a problem and how 3D can help us solve it. While most of the projects will be home or “honey do” based, the idea is to also show how the same principle could be employed in a small business setting using a 3D printer to solve commercial problems.

In this video we will design, print and install a drain cover for a furnace into a basement sump drain. While not the most exciting project, it does cover many practical aspects of design (we will use TinkerCad) to solve a problem with a 3D printer and that is goal of this series. So grab a cup of coffee and check out this video, then head over to either Thingiverse or TinkerCad and get your own version as I bet many of you have the same problem I did!

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