Replacing Moshidraw Board with Arduino UNO and GRBL!

While the eBay / K40 Laser is a great tool for the money it does have one major drawback and that is its “controler”.  For some reason it’s chinese creators have decided to cripple it with a proprietary control board, USB dongle and sub-par software documented in Mandarin.  Well, there is a way to right this wrong and it’s called Arduino and GRBL whereas you you pull out the existing controller ( Moshidraw Board) and replace with an Arduino running GRBL.  In short the eBay / K40 Laser cutter & engraver is pretty simple machine in that it only uses two (2) axis (X & Y) as while as a binary firing (i.e. On or Off) firing mechanism for the laser tube.  As the GRBL firmware can control up to 4 motors, a spindle and cooling system.  There is more than enough “logic” out to run this little gem in the rough.

Current GRBL setting to run a common eBay CO2 Laser with a CNC Shield: