Shop Talk – Can My 3D Printer Electrocute Me?

In this episode, we will be taking a look inside the JG Aurora A5 as a follow up to a video from Angus Deveson over at Makers Muse as he bought many good points about the risks of 3D Printers in and having proper grounding and the hazards!

You can see Angus’s video here (I got shocked by a 3D Printer: ) and I recommend watching if you have not seen it. As in this episode we dig deeper into this potential issue as basically all 3D printers in this type/class work the same. So we will talk about what could go wrong to cause this as well as what precautions to take to avoid these risks!

Also, here is a video which I created a while back on grounding and the CO2 laser which is also relevant in general to concept of grounding machinery:

Safety Tips!
1. Avoid the use the residential power strips period, if you feel compelled to use a power strip, use an industrial grade such as this or

2. Ensure your home has a working ground! I can’t stress this enough and you can test it with a simple tester such as this:

3. If need to use an extension cord, use an industrial grade of say 16 to 12 gauge. Better yet, use something like this (it come various length) to avoid the need of an extension cord all together

4. If you are shocked, unplug the device or suspected devices immediately until the source of the problem can be found and resolved!

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