Shop Talk – Filament Drying With a Vacuum Chamber Part 1!

In this episode, we will be exploring the use of a vacuum chamber to dry filament as of lately I have printing more with Bridge Nylon (see more however this stuff soaks up water like a sponge! Now I did my home work and came with an affordable 5 gallon unit (see more here: which I can load with a number of spools at once!

Notes: The inset is where I place 24 grams of tap water into the chamber and draw a vacuum in the high 29’s (the meter is hard to read in small fractions) and in 10 min 1 gram of water boiled off which is about what we will need. Second is I am changing my mind reading desiccant and will cover that in Part 2!

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5 Gallon Vacuum Degassing Chamber Kit with 3 CFM Pump - Not for Wood Stabilizing

by LAB1ST [Hydrion Scientific]
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Price: $169.95