Shop Talk – Nifty Micro Vice!

In this episode, we will be looking at this nifty micro-vice I picked up from Amazon for engraving on my 3040 CNC (see more here: I also it because I can design and 3D jaw fixtures for it on the 3D Printer too make it a universal tool about the shop! You can check it out here:

Also stay tuned as I am going to show you how we can create our version of this with a 3d printer!

–Other Handy Vises:
Desk Vise…:
Multi Angle.:
6 Inch Jaws:
4 Inch Jaws:
Mini Vise…..:
Suction Vise:

Also if you looking for a crazy affordable 5 Axis (yes you read that correctly) CNC, then check these out:

One of the handiest tools as a maker I have is the CO2 laser as they are VERY affordable, check these out for yourself:

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