Shop Talk – The Ultimate Saw!  In this episode, we will be looking the Evolution Power Tools R255SMS 10″ TCT Multi-Material Sliding Miter Saw (see more here: as this thing seems to have some crazy cutting abilities for such an affordable saw! Check it out as we not only unbox it but cut stuff in slo-mo with it!

Accurate: cuts within +/- 0.5˚. optimized gearbox ensures the best RPM for cutting steel and wood with nails. Clean & consistent cutting in wood. Virtually no burrs on steel = instant workable finish
Reliable: 160 hour motor life. Cut test endurance at 40, 000 cuts. Combined components improves durability and accuracy. Precision Component machining to deliver consistent cutting accuracy
Powerful: 15A motor. Hi-torque gearbox increases motor & blade-life. “Cuts through steel like a knife through butter.”
Safe: no heat & virtually no sparks. Built in safe and convenient cable hooks. Ambidextrous, ergonomic, horizontal trigger with comfortable grip = combats repetitive strain
0° – 45° bevel & 50˚ – 50˚ miter. Wide base & rubber feet reduces vibration & increases precision

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Evolution Power Tools R255SMS 10" TCT Multi-Material Sliding Miter Saw

by Evolution Power Tools [Evolution Power Tools]
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Price: $219.99