[amazon template=wishlist&asin=B07CGMN3XF] What happens when you can’t find what your looking for? That is right you turn to Fusion 360 and design a better mouse trap and that is what we did here! We are building a new print farm around the Ender 3 and wanted a mechanically connected Z-AxisLearn More!

[amazon template=wishlist&asin=B07CGMN3XF] Since Creality was running a special on the Ender 3’s I purchased a number to refresh our print farm here at DIY3DTech and with this converted to them direct drive extrusion using this kit (see more here: amzn.to/2DsqPuI ). Because the Ender 3 has only one Z-Axis andLearn More!

[amazon template=wishlist&asin=B08GX4SDGR] In this episode, we will be at the first generation of air-assist which we designed for the Ortur Laser Master and other diode based lasers! However please note that plastic burns and use of this model is at your own risk! The model (three parts) will be outLearn More!