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Tronxy X5S – Modifying the Hotend!

Please visit ift.tt/1PJb2UK for more information on this and many other projects! As in this episode, we will be modifying the cooling fan for the hotend of the Tronxy-X5S large scale printer from Gearbest. As one of the things which I noticed is that metal fan shroud had to be removed (major pain) every time the nozzle needed to be unplugged and two it also forces air onto the heater block cooling it too. So off to thing verse we went and found this design (listed below) for the Tronxy-X3 which has the same hotend so we printed it ABS and it fit! So check it it out!

Tronxy X5S Large Scale High Precision 3D Printer by GearBest: goo.gl/fGBspG

High Temp Kapton Polyimide Tape: amzn.to/2yXVnfS
Ceramic Insulation 1″ x 12″ tape: amzn.to/2kGKMUj

Tronxy X3 Supercooler – hot end fan shrouds by idig3d, published Nov 21, 2016: ift.tt/2xJROIV

Fan converter 30×30 to 40×40 for Tronxy supercooler by HidekiShinichi, published Aug 2, 2017: ift.tt/2ys8ybq

Check Out the build manual here: ift.tt/2wkKTuc

Also featured from Gearbest are additional coupons for extra discounts:
“GBTE” / 12% OFF for all the tools: ift.tt/2ulkOq5
And Gearbest autumn harvest party: ift.tt/2x6L4Ju

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