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3D Printer Leveling Stand Made from Maker Rail!

In this episode we will build a printer stand to level our 3D printer.  The logic here is that while leveling the bed to the print head is a good thing, leveling it period (or in reference to gravity) is even better.  As remember two things, the first is that the plastic we are pushing out of the hot end of the 3D printer is a semi liquid and will want to run a small bit or maybe better put, deform.  This can lead to poor print quality as even if it is just wee little it bit, over the layers and layers of plastic which are layed  down this will add up.  The second is being a bit off can cause the print head to “grab” the work piece and pull it  off the bed.   Remember you are working with a small amount of space here so being as level as possible is good thing!

QU-BD Y Axis Belt Holder with #6 Nut Slots

This is a remix of a design on Thingiverse for the QU-BD OneUp and TwoUp DIY 3D printer to hold the Y Axis belt from slipping. In this design we have added recessed openings to receive #6 nuts and we highly recommend adding this build to your QU-BD OneUp or TwoUp printer to prevent the belt from slipping during fast rapid infills of the Y Axis.

QU-BD TwoUp Bed Leveling Project Part -1

In this episode we start the build of the self-leveling servo & switch combo for the QU-BD TwoUp DIY 3D printer we built a while back.  Our hope is this will improve the quality of the prints our prints by  adjusting for the level of the QU-BD TwoUp bed.  We also have listed the parts below we got from Amazon.

Parts List:

Micro Switch: amzn.to/1Kpdt7S
Servo: amzn.to/1Kpdwkc
M2 Screws: amzn.to/1LMTpBI


7.5-Gram DS75 Digital Sub-Micro Helicopter Servo

by E-flite [E-flite]
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Price: $14.99

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QU-BD TwoUp Bed Leveling Spring Holders

So we have been working on the QU-BD TwoUP 3D DIY printer again and one of the thing which we made where retaining cups for the bed springs.  We where having issues with the prints shifting as there was play in the (few thousands of an inch) and when the printer did infills the alignment would jump as the bed shift (assume it slid on the springs).  With any luck this will reduce the issue.  Also keep eye out for a video on this too.

XYZprinting da 3D Printer

by XYZprinting [XYZprinting,Inc]
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1 Inch Project Feet for 1/4 Bolts

In this project we design four 1 inch diameter feet for use with common 1/4 Inch bolts to make adjustable feet for any DIY project you might have.  As we searched Thingiverse and really could not find anything like this.  Worth note, is the adjustable outside is 9/16th of inch while the inside is  slightly over sized of 1/4 inch to allow for epoxy (we recommend JB Weld). As epoxying the bolt head (on all sides lightly) before insertion will make the metal bolt part of the over all structure add greatly to the strength foot and while on the topic would print with at least a 50% in-fill.  Also notice we add support around the bolt head base for extra endurance.

J-B Weld 8276 KwikWeld Quick Setting Steel Reinforced Epoxy - 2 oz.

by J-B Weld [JBWeld]
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Price: $5.25

3D Printed Dual Relay Board on the DIY QU BD TwoUp Printer

In this episode of DIY 3-D tech.com will look at building a 3-D printed board for dual relay controller. As part of this we also have to use care is this relay board will switch line voltages so if you notice we’ve left the bottom on the board to protect and insulate from this. It’s also worth noting that conductive plastic should not be used print support boards for electronic components. In addition if you’re interested in finding out about this board you can get more information at this link (amzn.to/1KTA5nQ)

5V Two 2 Channel Relay Module With optocoupler For PIC AVR DSP ARM Arduino

by Satisfy Electronics [satisfyelectronics]
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