Update to the Probotix Fireball v90 CNC conversion to GRBL


So we’ve now got the Probiotix Fireball V 90 running with all the major GRBL front ends including Chilipeppr, GCode sender and Easel. We have noticed a couple strange things, one of them being GRBL wants to flip the X and Y axis. This is in both the nature (i.e. X becomes Y and Y becomes X) and direction, to correct this we’ve had to use change the GRBL string $3=3 (inverting both x & y) to mask the directions of each access. With regards to the X and Y axis flip, we have tried inverting the wiring to reverse them, however this only results in what appears to be a mirror image when cutting sort of like from the bottom up rather than the top-down. So to correct for this we’ve just allowed the flip in axises and simply changed the homing location and perspective of the material which seems to work just fine. Watching the video you can see we’ve cut out several rather complex shapes without issue. However one of the interesting things you will notice in the video, there still is one part abandoning the material and this was caused by “user error”, as I forgotten and unplug the laptop causing the battery run out while sending G code, Oops. However other then several minor challenges overall the conversion process has gone rather easily, And in fact has been quite a bit of fun as my goal with all this was to create a simpler workflow and both Easel and Chilipeppr filled this goal. However I must say with regards to just GCode sender the jury’s a bit out as  I’m concerned as how effective that is, (because it is quirky compared to others) but hey it’s still early in the game. So look for some more updates soon Will be doing the final install of the Arduino on top of the Probotix driver box an the final wiring to complete this project so once that’s done I will do the video on that as well along with a video on the configuration file for GRBL itself.

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