Vacuum Former!

PETG Thermoform Plastic Sheets 0.020" x 12" x 18" Sheets - 8 Piece Bundle

by WidgetWorks Unlimited LLC. [WidgetWorks Unlimited LLC.]
Rank/Rating: -/-
Price: -

Do it Yourself Vacuum Forming for the Hobbyist

by - [Vacuum Form]
Rank/Rating: 1751673/-
Price: CDN$ 68.06

Secrets of Building a Plastic Vacuum Forming Machine

by Vincent R. Gingery [David J. Gingery Publishing LLC]
Rank/Rating: 615979/-
Price: CDN$ 29.23

The Prop Builder's Molding & Casting Handbook

by Thurston James [Betterway Books]
Rank/Rating: 41793/-
Price: CDN$ 20.74




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