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3040 CNC – Must Have Misting Collar!

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I have been doing more aluminium machining lately on my 3040 CNC (see more here: ) and want to add a cheap mister however wanted to make removable to used my dust collector with doing wood or plastic so I designed this collar which cinch and mounts with M5 Bolts as to mount the Mister (see more here: ) you will need some 25mm long M5 (see more here: ) bolts and to cinch the collar you will need another two M5 bolts around 12mm long (see more here: ).

Now I used PETG as I wanted it to be strong and Overture PETG (see more here: ). Also note that all four are threaded and you should with no more then 0.2mm layer height and you can also clean up the threads if need with a metric tap set (see more here: ).

As far as providing “air” for the mister, California Air Tools provides one of the best options for the hobbyist being a quiet, cost effect and reliable solution. The compressor we are using is the: which is a steel dual tank, however if your seeking a more cost effective solution, their single tank version (see more here: ) can work in lower cycle time applications.


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