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3D Printed CNC Router Base – Part 2

3D printed CNC router base with laser mount and dust collection

Well the part is now printed, however not with out some headaches as it took a couple trys to get the final product out the door.  The base setting was printed .04, with 25% (medium) infill and normal shell thickness at fast speed got the job done.  In addition, we had to use a “raft” to get the large surface area to stick to the bed of the Da Vinci 2.0 Duo 3D printer as in the prior prints it kept lifting off the bed and damaging the print.

Part of this issue is likely the bed temperature being a little low as ours is set 95 deg-C and would prefer it to be at 100 or 110 deg-C to make it a little more sticky if you will and this is where the “raft” came in as with its liter weight, its sticks better and then the base has a better surface to stick to.  However in the end a portion of the print did lift up however it was late in the print cycle so it was printing the tube portion and had little affect.  As it is likely that the temperature at the edges of the bed are too cool to effectively hold a large surface area print.

Notice there are a few striations due to the rough print setting and since the part will be sanded and printed, this should not be an issue. In addition, this part was finished with our heat gun process which we will cover in a future post and likely a video too.

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