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3D Printed CNC Router Base – Part 1

3d Printed CNC Router for Laser & Vacuum attachment

This week we are working on building a combination, laser & vacuum base for other shop 3d CNC router.  The file can be found on ThinkerCad by clicking this link. and please follow along as I will be posting more photos and videos of build and operation.  As the idea here is to build a base which adds a vacuum port as well as a laser alignment holder next to cutting motor.  While the original base was built as a 2D sketch in iDraw on the Mac (there is also an iDraw iPad version too), and then exported as an SVG (vector file) which was than imported into  Tinkercad and built up into a STL file which was then exported into the XYZ Printing slicing App for printing on the Da Vinci 2.0 Duo 3D printer.  The resulting part was then printed in ABS at .04 with 25% fill and normal shells.  One of the changes which had to be made was the use of a “raft” because large surface of the print.  See more on this in the next part of the installment project.

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