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CNC Support Blocks

DIY3DTech-CNC Support Block for holding stock


In this project we will build a simple 1.5″(h) x 1.5″(w) x1.5″(d) block with a 0.5″(h) x 1.0″(w) x 1.0″(d) notch.  The idea is we print four (4) of these blocks, one for each corner of our material (a sheet good) and each corner is placed in the notch and the material is then clamped down for machining.

The idea is the material will be held about 1.0″ above the bed of the machine allowing the tool cut though without damaging the bed. The sheet good material should be of a size which allows it enough stiffness to avoid a sag, however if this is not the case.  A simple 1.0″ square cube could also be printed and slipped under the material for additional support.  However use care as the tool might strike this piece damaging it or sending it flying so always ensure safety first when working with power tools.

This file can be found on TinkerCad site under the name DIY3DTech – CNC Support Block and by clicking the prior link.  We also post more pictures of this in use soon.

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