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Creality CR10 – Install the Second Z Axis Step by Step!

In this episode, we will be going step by step to the install our a second Z axis on the Creality CR-10 as I want to up the game on this bad boy to make it a plastic pushing monster that can whip it around like its no-ones business and having a stable X gantry (which is supported by the dual Z access) is critical in my book for success.

Handy Links:
Get your second Z Axis:
Creality Hot-End Parts:
Nozzle removal and cleaning:
Professional clean up tools:
Insulate your heated bed:
Dampen your steppers:
Smoother your steppers:
Upgrade your MOSFETS:

Handy Tools:
USB Oscilloscope:
USB dial indicator:
Vacuum former:
Contour Gauges:
Digital Caliper:
Power Screwdriver:
Screwdriver repair tool:
Air Quality Meters:
Rotary Tool:
Scotch Brite Wheels:

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