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Creality CR10 – Printing a RetroRocket Amazon Echo Dot Stand!

Please visit for more information on this and many other projects! As in this episode, we will be building a rocket sort of as hey who doesn’t like rockets and everyone loves Amazon Echo ( so we figured here at why not bring the two together! So it doesn’t matter if you have just the dot or the tube (what is the “tube” version even called?) as this design can adapt to both and might even be better than SpaceX, well sort of!. However if nothing else this piece is conversation starter for sure everyone is going to be asking you to print one for them after they see yours so stock up on filament quick!

In addition it also offers many finishing options should you (or significant other) not like the 3D printed look (which my wife doesn’t) as you can use a stone spray paint such this ( which my wife even approves of or a lighter textured version such as this ( to cover the layer lines. Yet every morning when you grab that first cup of coffee and ask Alexa for a flash briefing, you will smile seeing perched atop of that mighty Retro-Rocket which YOU printed!

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Amazon Echo Retro-Rocket Stand (both Dot and Tube)!

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