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Design Talk – 3D Printable Air Dryer for Vacuum Chamber!

So I have been experimenting with with using a 5 gallon vacuum chamber (see more here: ) for drying / dehydrating my 3D printing filament however when represureing the chamber I was letting some amount of hydrated air back in at velocity so I decided to create an Air Dryer attachment that would thread on to the 1/4 inch pipe threaded inlet of the unit and place a desiccant pack (see more here: ) inside of the dryer to wick out the moisture of the air entering the chamber. In addition, we created two sizes based upon the size of the desiccant pack used or reused. So there is a small and large version. In addition I added to mounting holes for two M3 bolts (see more here: to hold the cover/cap on the body. Two while you can force tap the M3 bolts, however I use this speed tap handy to create a quicker and cleaner fit (see more here: ).

Find the STL files on Thingiverse here:

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