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DIY CNC Stand Off Blocks

DIY CNC Machine with Blocks and red dust boot.


Here are four DIY CNC Stand Off blocks which were printed on our shop  with a 0.02 setting and Medium (25%) fill in white ABS plastic. The idea is to provide a stand off of the material to allow a 2D cut through to fall though to the table below instead of potentially getting wound up in the cutter or using tabs.  This also protects the bed from the cutter too and the material is held in place with step clamps (there will be another post on this).  You can get an STL copy of the blocks at Tinkercad by clicking here and downloading the STL file.  Worth note is we would suggest printing these one at time rather than 4 at a time as the plastic will stay warmer as doing 4 at a times means the head with do a layer on each [block] and while it does that, the bond will be lessened and while these will not need to hold a lot of force (as they have a good sized surface area), you still want them to be semi-strong.

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