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DIY CNC Step Clamps Part -1

3D Printed DIY CNC Step Clamps

We just printed a set of Step Clamps (from for our in house DIY in house CNC machine from white ABS plastic on our XYZprinting Da Vinci 2.0 Duo 3D Printer two up.   The settings where 0.03, with 30% fill and a raft.  You can notice that there is a little upturn in the left corner of the front block, however the back came out just perfect.  While many souces on the net suggest avoiding the raft, we have found with larger area, denser prints that rafts help avoid upturn and parts pulling off the bed.  On the bed itself we a Staples brand jumbo glue stick which has been working well.

DIY 3D Printing Tip: when applying the glue stick ensure three things!  (1) The bed is totally dry as after washing, we typically leave it sit for about 10min to air dry as no matter how hard we wipe it off, there always seems to remain some water which affects the glue and you have lifting.  (2) Apply the glue to a cool bed, applying when its hot doesn’t seem to allow it to set up and finally (3) let the glue dry but not to long.  The glue should just set up before printing starts as too quick there isn’t a bond between the bed and part, and to late the glue has lost some of its stickiness.

Right now we are printing the clamps to go with the steps and we look forward to posting some picture and even a video over on our youtube channel of the completed product. So keep checking back for Part of this build (and possible Part-3 Usage on the DIY CNC machine too)!

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